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Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating Stroker White

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Part Number: SQCNVELD-TG-TFZ101
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A new generation of Flip Zero is ready to rumble! Rumbling vibrations from within the elastomer sleeve bring a sensation from another world to your hands. This is made possible with yet another Tenga engineered first: two vibrating cores are housed inside the elastomer for direct stimulation! Push the button on the top to cycle through five settings. The external pressure pads allow you to control the pressure, or squeeze out the internal air to create a strong vacuum suction. Enjoy Tenga's latest take on vibrating pleasure. Materials Elastomer, polypropylene PP, Lithium Li-Ion battery, ABS, and silicone. Measurements 7 inches in height, 3 inches in width, 2.75 inches in diameter. Note charges on charging base via USB. Includes 2 sample pouches of Tenga Hole Lotion-Real.

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